3 reasons to choose Grillz & Tattoos

You’re going to love the personal service you receive when you go with Grillz & Tattoos. Here are three reasons to get your next tattoo, body piercing or set of grillz at Grillz & Tattoos:


We’re experienced:

All four of our talented artists have been in the business for years.


We take our time:

You deserve your grillz, piercing or tattoo to look exactly the way you want, so you can expect us to take our time to listen to your ideas and preferences.


We specialize in grillz:

Our custom grillz are works of art. You’re going to love how we can make your dentures dazzle when you smile.

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Your body deserves the best body art available. Grillz & Tattoos offers high quality piercings, tattoos and grillz to fit any budget. Stop in today to meet our four talented tattoo artists. We’ll pair you with an artist who will give you the graphic appeal you’re looking for.

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Grillz & Tattoos is the perfect place to get a tattoo that is meaningful to you. Whether you want a city skyline on your arm or a lifelike skull on your back, you’re going to love what our tattoo artists create for you. We can add vibrant colors with watercolor tattoos, or keep it traditional with simple black tattoos. We can even apply white ink for subtle and stunning designs. Call 205-481-9256 today to schedule an appointment.

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